Miranda IM - History - Version 0.2.x

Version 0.2.x

After the mysterious disappearance of cyreve in June, 2002, the developers Martin Öberg (Strickz), Robert Rainwater (rainwater), Sam K (egoDust), and Lyon Lim (lynlimz) took over the project. The MSN protocol was taken over by Rako Shizuka who also developed the first version of Yahoo! Messenger protocol, which was the third protocol supported by Miranda. The Yahoo! plugin was closed source, and lost reliability as the official Yahoo! Messenger protocol changed over time - it was later re-written by new developer Gennady Feldman.

The first of the non-IM plugins, including RSS News and Weather, were released within this period. These added a contact to contact list for the purpose of displaying information to the user rather than chatting.

Discussion about renaming of the program and removal of ICQ from the core began about this time. Due to the increase of protocol support, the project was officially renamed to Miranda IM on December 17, 2002.

The first release under the new name occurred on February 1, 2003, about three years after the beginning of the project, and a bug fix version came two weeks later.

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