Mirak may refer to:

  • Mirak (Star Fleet Universe), a race of beings in Star Fleet Universe
  • Mirak, Armenia, a town in Armenia
  • Mirək, a village in Azerbaijan
  • Epsilon Boötis, a star also called Mirak
  • Hiroshi Takeyasu, sometimes aliased as Mirak, a Bemani musician

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Shaykh Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi - Death and His Children
... Shaykh Syed Mirak Andrabi was married to the daughter of Syed Abdullah Qummi Rizvi ... Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi had three sons, Syed Mohammad Andrabi, (d.1022.A.H/A.D,1614.A.D), Syed Mohammad Yousuf Andrabi, (d.1028.A.H./A.D,1620A.D), and Syed Qasim Ahmad Andrabi ... Syed Mohammad Yousuf Andrabi was second son of Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi ...
Shaykh Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi - Mir Mirak As Propagator of Islamic Ideology
... the descendants, the noteworthy and prominent was Syed Mir Mirak, d.990.A.H./1582.A.D), Andrabi son of Syed Shamsu’d-din Andrabi,(d.932.A.H./1525.A.D).He was putting up in the ... Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi traveled various parts of the valley for the purpose of propagation of Islam ... Mir Mirak lived at a crucial period in Kashmir history because there were social tensions in the society ...
Mirak, Armenia
40.64500°N 44.32417°E / 40.64500 44.32417 Mirak Միրաք Mirak Coordinates 40°38′42″N 44°19′27″E / 40.64500°N 44.32417°E / 40.64500 44.32417 Country Armenia Marz ...
Shaykh Syed Mir Mirak Andrabi - Spiritual Training
... Syed Mirak belonged to Silsila Owaisi ... Shaykh Mirak Mir spent most of his time in meditation at a Khanqah in Srinagar, known as Khanqah-i-Andrabi ... Syed Mirak accepted Silsilay Qadri from him ...
John Mirak
... John Mirak, (Armenian Հովհաննես Միրագ) was an Armenian-American businessman who owned several car dealerships and automotive businesses in Massachusetts ... becoming an orphan after the Armenian Genocide and married Artemis Mirak, also a genocide survivor from Arabkir ... Then, he started Mirak Chevrolet in Arlington, Massachusetts in 1936 ...