Milton Margai

Milton Margai

Sir Milton Augustus Strieby Margai (December 7, 1895 - April 28, 1964) was a Sierra Leonean politician and the first prime minister of Sierra Leone. He was the main architect of the post-colonial constitution of Sierra Leone and guided his nation to independence in 1961.

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Mende People - Politics
... Sierra Leone's first Prime minister Sir Milton Margai, who led the country to independence from the United Kingdom on April 27, 1961 was a prominent member of the ... politicians from the Mende ethnic group include the country's second prime minister Sir Albert Margai, who was also the younger brother of Milton Margai former commander of the Republic of Sierra Leone ... Sierra Leonean politician Charles Margai, who is the leader of one of the country's main opposition party the People's Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) ...
History Of Sierra Leone - Colonial Era (1800 - 1961)
... It was due to the astute politics of Sir Milton Margai that the educated Protectorate elite was won over to join forces with the paramount chiefs in the face of Krio intransigence ... Later, Sir Milton used the same skills to win over opposition leaders and moderate Krio elements for the achievement of independence ... In November 1951, Sir Milton Margai oversaw the drafting of a new constitution, which united the separate Colonial and Protectorate legislatures and—-most importantly—-provid ...
Milton Margai College Of Education And Technology
... Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET), formerly known as Milton Margai Teachers College (MMTC), is a technical university located in Freetown, Sierra ... It was established in 1963 and is named after Sierra Leone's first Prime Minister, Sir Milton Margai ...
List Of Heads Of Government Of Sierra Leone - Heads of Government of Sierra Leone (1954–1978)
... Notes Sierra Leone Protectorate of the United Kingdom Milton Margai, Milton Margai, Dominion of Sierra Leone Independence from the United Kingdom Milton Margai, Albert ...
Legacy - Milton Margai College of Education and Technology
... In 1963 the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology was established ... The first incarnation of the school was the Milton Margai Teacher's College but as the school grew and the curriculum expanded the name was changed to the Milton Margai College of Education ...

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