Mexicana may refer to:

  • Mexicana de Aviación, a former airline of Mexico
  • Mexicana (ship), a topsail schooner built in 1791 by the Spanish Navy
Latin binomial abbreviations for species
  • A. mexicana (disambiguation)
  • C. mexicana (disambiguation)
  • D. mexicana (disambiguation)
  • L. mexicana (disambiguation)
  • P. mexicana (disambiguation)
  • S. mexicana (disambiguation)
  • T. mexicana
  • U. mexicana (disambiguation)

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Lucilia Mexicana - Current Research
... mexicana found in the three cities of Junction, Guadalupe, and Lubbock from one year to the next ... mexicana, among other calliphorids, can fluctuate in abundance at different individual locations over successive years ... mexicana would benefit investigations involving post mortem intervals ...
Lucilia Mexicana - Range and Habitat
... mexicana is geographically distributed in North and South America ... mexicana is similar to L ... Lucilia mexicana is mainly found in wooded areas, but may also inhabit urban areas due to its attraction to animal and human feces, garbage and fresh carrion ...
Cayetano Valdés Y Flores - Legacy
... Island that relate to the 1792 voyage include Mexicana Hill, named for Valdés's ship the Mexicana, Dibuxante Point, named for the artist José Cardero who sailed on ...
Lucilia Mexicana
... Lucilia mexicana is a species of green bottle blow fly of the family Calliphoridae ... mexicana is typically 6–9 mm in length with metallic blue-green coloring ... mexicana has two or more complete rows of post-ocular setae ...