Mercury Computer Systems

Mercury Computer Systems

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. NASDAQ: MRCY provides high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal and image processing solutions.

Mercury designs and builds embedded multicomputers, which may be considered to be either loosely coupled NUMA computers or tightly coupled clusters. Despite being marketed as COTS, the computers are generally customized to better fit application requirements. Popular applications include airborne military radar, sonar, software-defined radio (cellular telephone base stations for example), video transcoding, chip wafer inspection, medical scanners of all types, and classified projects. In general, Mercury targets high-end computing applications with size, weight, and/or power constraints.

Competitors have included CSP Inc. using Myrinet, and SKY Computers using InfiniBand. CSPI also uses the multicomputer terminology, while SKY does not. All three companies are located in northeastern Massachusetts.

In 2012, Mercury Computer acquired Micronetics for $74.9 Million.

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