McGill may refer to:


  • McGill (surname), a common surname of Scottish and Irish origin and list of for individuals with the surname McGill
  • McGill family (Monrovia), a prominent early Americo-Liberian family
  • Anglicized variant for Clan Makgill, a Lowland Scottish clan
  • Donald McGillivray, botanical taxonomist whose standard author abbreviation is McGill.
  • James McGill, founder of McGill University.


  • McGill (Montreal Metro), a metro (subway) station in Montreal, Quebec
  • McGill, Nevada, a United States census-designated place in White Pine County, Nevada
  • McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, a private coeducational high school in Mobile, Alabama, United States
  • McGill Airport, an airport in Clackamas County, Oregon
  • McGill Drug Store, a historical museum in McGill, Nevada
  • McGill Street (Vancouver), an east-west street in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • McGill Street (Montreal), a street in Montreal, Quebec
  • McGill College Avenue, a street in Montreal, Quebec
  • Brandon Airport, also known as McGill Field, an airport near Brandon, Manitoba

Other uses:

  • McGill University, a public university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • McGill Executive Institute, a business school within McGill University located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • McGill Motorsports, a NASCAR Busch Series team
  • McGill Digital Solutions, a multimedia company

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Mc Gill Guide
... The McGill Guide is the unofficial name for the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, which establishes the legal citation standard in Canada ... It is published by the McGill Law Journal of the McGill University Faculty of Law and is used by law students and lawyers throughout Canada ...
Lenny Mc Gill
... Charles Leonard "Lenny" McGill (born May 31, 1971 in Long Beach, California) is a former professional American football cornerback in the National Football League ... Lenny McGill enters his second year in 2010 as the Denver Broncos’ assistant director of college scouting, a position he was named to on May 1, 2009 ... As a college scout with the Packers, McGill was responsible for scouting the Central Plains region ...
Steve Holt (Canadian Musician)
... remained self-taught until the age of 22, when he entered McGill University to study jazz with pianist Armas Maiste ... Holt graduated from McGill in 1981 with that university’s first-ever Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz Performance, and continued to teach at McGill ...
Luc Devroye
... Devroye is a Belgian computer scientist and a James McGill Professor in the School of Computer Science of McGill University in Montreal, Canada ... Since joining the McGill faculty in 1977 he has won numerous awards, including an E.W.R ...