MC Metals

MC Metals was a metal recycling company based in the Springburn area of Glasgow, Scotland. The "MC" stands for McWilliam & Christie, both names being associated with separate railway scrapyards that previously existed in the Glasgow area. The company was made famous through the scrapping of huge numbers of British Rail diesel locomotives in the 1980s and 1990s. They operated on railway-owned land adjacent to the BREL St. Rollox railway works. A condition of their lease was that only ex-railway scrap could be processed there. They also carried out asbestos removal work on stock destined for preservation. Rail vehicles arrived from all parts of the UK via a rail connection or by road. The site is now occupied by a Tesco supermarket.

Coordinates: 55°52′23″N 4°13′37″W / 55.8731°N 4.2269°W / 55.8731; -4.2269

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