Malabar Coast

The Malabar Coast is a long and narrow coastline on the south-western shore line of the mainland Indian subcontinent. Geographically, it comprises the wettest regions of southern India, as the Western Ghats intercept the moisture-laden monsoon rains, especially on their westward-facing mountain slopes. The term "Malabar Coast" is also sometimes used in reference to the entire Indian coast from the western coast of Konkan to the tip of the subcontinent at Cape Comorin.

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Malabar (Northern Kerala) - Malabar Coast
... The Malabar Coast, in historical contexts, refers to India's southwest coast, lying on the narrow coastal plain of Karnataka and Kerala states between the ... The coast runs from south of Goa to Cape Comorin on India's southern tip ... The Malabar Coast is also sometimes used as an all encompassing term for the entire Indian coast from the western coast of Konkan to the tip of the subcontinent at Cape Comorin ...
Dioceses Of Saint Thomas Of Mylapore - Acts of Thomas
... identity is the Mar Thoma or “Church of Thomas” congregations along the Malabar Coast of Kerala State in southwest India ... tradition of this church, Thomas evangelized this area and then crossed to the Coromandel Coast of southeast India, where, after carrying out a second mission, he died in Mylapore near Madras ... which could carry ships directly to and from the Malabar coast ...
Malabar Coast - Cultural References
... The Irish folksong Coast of Malabar, performed by Tommy Makem and The Chieftains among others, is a lilting romantic air ... The "Malabar front" was a location mentioned in George Orwell's 1984 where men of the fictional country of Oceania fought ...
Kozhikode District - History
... The ports of the Malabar Coast have participated in the Indian Ocean trade of spices, silk, and other goods for over two millennia ... the Portuguese and by the mid-17th century the Dutch had captured the Malabar Coast spice trade from the Portuguese ... of Mysore captured Kozhikode and much of the northern Malabar Coast, and came into conflict with the British based in Madras, which resulted in four Anglo-Mysore Wars ...

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