Maharaj Ji

Maharaj Ji, Maharaji, or similar, may refer to:

  • Prem Rawat (born 1957), teacher of a meditation practice he calls Knowledge
  • Guru Maharaj Ji (Nigeria), spiritual leader in Nigeria
  • Neem Karoli Baba (died 1973), Hindu guru and devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman
  • Rajinder Singh (Sant Mat) (born 1946), head of Science of Spirituality
  • Satpal Maharaj (born 1951), member of the lower house of the Parliament of India for the Indian National Congress party

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... I.C.Sharma Manavta Mandir Param Sant Shiv Dayal Singh ji (Swami ji Maharaj) Param Sant Rai Bahadur Saligram Sahib ji (Hazur Maharaj ji) Param Sant Master Ram Singh ji Arman (Arman Saheb ji) Param Sant Tarachand ji ...
Millennium '73 - Festival - Stage, Signs and Effects
... and the Blue Aquarius band led by Bhole Ji Rawat, who wore a silver-sequined suit while conducting ... were shown during ballgames), representations of Maharaj Ji, and a variety of slogans, scriptural citations, and announcements Sugar is Sweet/So are ... It is the property of God Attention, Attention/Please do not run and dance/Thank you, Guru Maharaj Ji Realize heaven on earth You will sit in your assigned places, please ...
Lord Of The Universe
... American documentary film about Prem Rawat (at the time known as Guru Maharaj Ji) at an event in November 1973 at the Houston Astrodome called "Millennium '73" ... The documentary chronicles Maharaj Ji, his followers and anti-Vietnam War activist Rennie Davis who was a spokesperson of the Divine Light Mission at the time ... The TVTV team followed Maharaj Ji across the United States over a period of six weeks, and edited a large amount of tape down to the fifty-eight minute piece ...
Millennium '73 - Afterwards - Impact
... After the festival, Maharaj Ji began taking greater responsibility in the movement he took administrative control of the DLM's US branch within a month of turning 16 ... Disagreements between Maharaj Ji and his family led to the movement being split between a Western branch, led by Maharaj Ji, and an Indian branch, run ... Beginning in 1982, Guru Maharaj Ji changed the DLM into the more loosely organized Elan Vital ...