Magnetotactic Bacteria

Magnetotactic bacteria (or MTB) are a polyphyletic group of bacteria discovered by Richard P. Blakemore in 1975, that orient along the magnetic field lines of Earth's magnetic field. To perform this task, these bacteria have organelles called magnetosomes that contain magnetic crystals. The biological phenomenon of microorganisms tending to move in response to the environment's magnetic characteristics is known as magnetotaxis (although this term is misleading in that every other application of the term taxis involves a stimulus-response mechanism). In contrast to the magnetoception of animals, the bacteria contain fixed magnets that force the bacteria into alignment — even dead cells align, just like a compass needle. The alignment is believed to aid these organisms in reaching regions of optimal oxygen concentration.

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... are membranous prokaryotic organelles present in magnetotactic bacteria. 20 magnetite crystals that together act like a compass needle to orient magnetotactic bacteria in geomagnetic fields, thereby simplifying their search for their preferred ... magnetosomes have also been found in eukaryotic magnetotactic algae, with each cell containing several thousand crystals ...
Magnetotactic Bacteria - Biotechnology Applications
... Magnetotactic bacterial cells have been used to determine south magnetic poles in meteorites and rocks containing fine-grained magnetic minerals and for ... Magnetotactic bacterial magnetite crystals have been used in studies of magnetic domain analysis and in many commercial applications including the immobilisation of ... for any large-scale commercial application is mass cultivation of magnetotactic bacteria or the introduction and expression of the genes responsible for ...
... fossil remains of magnetic particles produced by magnetotactic bacteria and preserved in the geologic record ... Though some magnetotactic bacteria produce greigite instead of or in addition to magnetite, no greigite magnetofossils have been reported ... Because most magnetotactic bacteria live under specific redox conditions, several authors have proposed that a better-developed magnetofossil record could serve as a tracer for changing oxygen levels, both locally ...

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