Longitudinal Mode

A longitudinal mode of a resonant cavity is a particular standing wave pattern formed by waves confined in the cavity. The longitudinal modes correspond to the wavelengths of the wave which are reinforced by constructive interference after many reflections from the cavity's reflecting surfaces. All other wavelengths are suppressed by destructive interference.

A longitudinal mode pattern has its nodes located axially along the length of the cavity. Transverse modes, with nodes located perpendicular to the axis of the cavity, may also exist.

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Power Per Longitudinal Mode
... For lasers with single transversal mode, the power per one longitudinal mode can be significantly increased by the coherent addition of lasers ... The reduction of the number of longitudinal modes determines the limits of the coherent addition ... The ability to coherently add one additional laser is exhausted when one longitudinal mode, common for the combined lasers, lies within the spectral width of the gain a subsequent addition ...

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