LMC may refer to:


  • Logan Machine Company, a snowcat manufacturer

Entertainment and culture:

  • LMC (band), an English dance group
  • London Musicians Collective, a UK charity for the promotion of experimental music
  • LM.C, a Japanese rock band

Society and organisation:

  • Lok Ma Chau Station, a railway station in Hong Kong
  • Latur Municipal Corporation
  • Lake Michigan Conference (Michigan), a high school athletic conference
  • Lake Michigan Catholic High School, Michigan, U.S.
  • Lake Michigan College, Michigan, U.S.
  • Local Medical Committee, a UK organisation representing general practitioners
  • London Muslim Centre
  • Lon Morris College
  • Los Medanos College

Science and engineering:

  • Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy
  • Lateral motor column neuron
  • Little man computer, an instructional model of a computer
  • Least material condition in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Local mate competition, a mechanism that affects sex allocation in evolutionary biology

Other articles related to "lmc":

Logan Machine Company
... LMC is both the tradename (brand name) and an abbreviation for Logan Manufacturing Company - a US manufacturer of snowcats that ceased operation in 2000 ... LMC was formed in 1978 when John DeLorean purchased the snowcat division from Thiokol ... under the brand name of DMC but by 1981 or 1982 the brand name was switched to LMC ...
Historical Chinese Phonology - From Late Middle Chinese To Standard Mandarin - Finals
... In general, Mandarin preserves the LMC system of medials and main vowels fairly well (better than most other varieties) but drastically reduces the system of codas (final consonants) ... Changes to medials LMC medial classes /ji/ and /i/ merge, losing the /j/ likewise for /jy/ and /y/ ... LMC front medials /i/ and /y/ (and corresponding main vowels) are lost after retroflex consonants ...
Super Soft X-ray Source - Close-binary Supersoft Source (CBSS)
... between ~4 hr and 1.35 d RX J0019.8+2156 (MW), RX J0439.8-6809 (LMC), RX J0513.9-6951 (LMC), RX J0527.8-6954 (LMC), RX J0537.7-7034 (LMC), CAL 83 (LMC ...
STS-135 - Payload - Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier
... The Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier (LMC) was also carried on STS-135 ... on orbit in August 2010, rode home on the LMC so that a failure analysis can be performed on the ground ... The Robotic Refueling Mission rode up to the station on the underside of the LMC and was placed onto the ELC-4 ...