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Single-link DVI-D male plug.

Dual-link DVI-D male plug.

Digital Visual Interface (DVI). Five variants are: DVI-I single link, DVI-I dual link, DVI-D single link, DVI-D dual link, and DVI-A. Almost ubiquitous for modern computer video cards.
Male Mini-DVI plug on top of a 12-inch PowerBook G4; female port is second from left. Mini-DVI VGA, DVI, television. Apple Computer alternative to Mini-VGA. Often now replaced by HDMI.
Female Micro-DVI port (rightmost) on MacBook Air Micro-DVI DVI-D dual link DMS-59 DVI dual link Apple Display Connector Combines DVI, USB, and power.
One of the three HDMI variants, male plug. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) High definition digital video devices (HDMI protocol) Electrically compatible with DVI-D and DVI-I, but not DVI-A, using a simple adapter. DIN/Mini-DIN Mini-DIN 4-pin S-Video (Separate-Video or Y/C)

Various Mini-DIN configurations Various systems and protocols - see Mini-DIN for details Others
Three RCA connectors - yellow for composite video, and white and red for stereo audio RCA connector Widely used in consumer electronics for audio and video. A single connector must be used for each signal. SCART Consumer electronics, mostly in Europe. Carries stereophonic sound (analog), along with composite video and/or RGB video. Some devices also support S-Video, which shares the same pins as composite video and RGB. YPBPR is also sometimes supported as a non-standard extension via the RGB pins.
D4 video connector D-Terminal Popular in Japan for analog high definition video. Available sizes are D1 through D5.
Male Mini-VGA plug on top of an Apple laptop, female port is second from right. Mini-VGA (used for laptops) Used for laptops, especially from Apple Computer and some from Sony.
AV Multi (gold-plated male plugs) AV Multi Sony proprietary. Combines composite video, S-Video, RGsB/YPBPR (both use same pins) and stereophonic sound (two analog channels). Used for all analog audio and video out on the PlayStation line of home video game consoles (with the exception of a few early original PlayStation models which featured RCA-outs for composite video and stereo analog audio in addition to the AV Multi connector); not used on handheld PlayStation consoles. 35-pin MicroCross Molex connector VESA Enhanced Video Connector and VESA Plug and Display (a.k.a. M1-DA) both used this connector with slightly different pin assignments. These schemes combined VGA or digital video, audio, FireWire, and USB signals into a single connector. Defunct, obsoleted by DFP and later DVI HDI-45 Apple proprietary. Combines Analog VGA out, stereo analog audio out, analog microphone in, S-video capture in, Apple desktop bus interface. Proprietary connector used on Apple Macintosh Centris computers, and the Apple AudioVision 14 Display. An attempt by Apple to deal with cable clutter, by combining five separate cables from computer to monitor.
Female port (20-pin) Digital Flat Panel Used with the PanelLink digital video protocol. Obsoleted by DVI
3D model of a UDI connector Unified Display Interface Proposed to replace both DVI and HDMI. Deprecated by Intel in favor of DisplayPort.
3.5 mm TRRS connector (male) 3.5 mm (1⁄8 in) TRRS and TRS connector Analog camcorders commonly use a 3.5 mm four-contact TRRS connector to carry composite video and stereo audio. Jack appears identical to more common three-contact stereo audio-only (Walkman) 3.5 mm TRS connector. DisplayPort DisplayPort is also the name of the protocol, which is proposed to replace DVI for computer monitors, and consumer electronics (such as home theater systems).
Male Mini DisplayPort plug Mini DisplayPort Proposed alternative to HDMI, used with computer displays: (VGA, DVI) Apple Inc.'s successor to their own Mini-DVI. The same connector is used for Intel's Thunderbolt connector, developed in cooperation with Apple. HDBaseT (8P8C modular connector) Used for transmission of uncompressed high-definition video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, high-power over cable and various controls, via a 100m Cat5e/Cat6 cable with 8P8C modular connectors of the type commonly known for telephone and Ethernet LAN connections.

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