List of To Love-Ru Characters - Sainan High

Sainan High

Risa Momioka (籾岡 里紗, Momioka Risa?) and Mio Sawada (沢田 未央, Sawada Mio?)
Voiced by: Ryōka Yuzuki (Risa) and Chiemi Chiba (Mio)
The mischievous, cheerful best friends of Haruna, Risa and Mio spend as much times as they can with her and Lala. Whenever Lala inquires about Earth culture and habits, the two divulge as much information as they can for her (although it is often misleading and perverted). Risa and Mio are known for their playful habit of groping other girls. Recently, it is shown that Mio enjoys cosplay and works at a maid cafe As well as it has been shown that Risa might have feelings (or at least lusts) for Rito, but it hasn't been detailed if she was serious or joking.
Kenichi Saruyama (猿山 健一, Saruyama Ken'ichi?)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino
The perverted best friend of Rito, Kenichi has known him since junior high and is more open and obvious of his obsession with girls and is one of the few male characters Rito can talk to about his situations involving Haruna or Lala. He is aware of Rito's feelings for Haruna and consistently advises he get together with her. Recently, Kenichi reveals his crush on a girl named Riko, but does not realize she is actually Rito, who is accidentally transformed into a girl by one of Lala's bizarre inventions.
Taizou Motemitsu (弄光 泰三, Motemitsu Taizō?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
The best pitcher on the baseball team at Sainan High and an arrogant womanizer, whenever a new girl comes to the school, Motemitsu will try anything to get them to go on a date with him. Greatly admired by his teammates and the male student body, Motemitsu unfortunately is a closet pervert, having taken shots of girls changing. He was once found out taking photos of girls in the swimming pool, during a swimming class, and was suspended from school for two weeks. He also keeps a personal record of every girl in the school with him. A running gag involves Motemitsu immediately asking out (or, in one case, proposing to) any pretty girl he sees, causing his followers to comment "As expected from Motemitsu-senpai, !", only to be instantly rejected, to which his followers say "As expected from Motemitsu-senpai, immediately rejected!". He is not seen or mentioned in the later half of the manga for reasons never explained, most likely due to focus more on the growing main cast.

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