List of Punk Rock Bands, 0–K - I


Band name Origin Years active Brief summary
I Against I Dordrecht, The Netherlands 1994-2008
I Am the Avalanche Brooklyn, New York, USA 2004–present
I Shot Cyrus São Paulo, Brazil 1997-2009
I Spy Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1991–96 An anarchist hardcore punk band known for its radical left-wing political subject matter. Todd Kowalski, now of Propagandhi, was part of the band.
Iceage Copenhagen, Denmark 2008–present
The Icemen New York, New York, USA 1982–present
Icons of Filth Cardiff, Wales, UK 1979–2004
Iggy Pop Muskegon, Michigan, United States 1963–present A protopunk/garage rock musician that is considered one of the most influential musicians in the development of punk rock, and so nicknamed "the Godfather of Punk". Known for his wild stage antics.
Ignite Orange County, California, United States 1993–present
Los Illegals Los Angeles, USA
The Inchtabokatables Berlin, Germany 1991-2002
Indecision New York, New York, USA 1993-2000
The Influents East Bay, California, USA 1999-2003
In My Eyes Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1997-2000
Inocentes Brazil 1981–present
Inquisition Richmond, Virginia, USA 1991-96
Inside Out Orange County, California, USA 1988-91
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Umeå, Sweden 1998–present
International Robot Minneapolis, Minnesota 2000–2002 Featured Danny Henry from The Soviettes.
Intro5pect Orange County, California, USA 1997–present
I.R.A. Medellín, Colombia 1985–present
Iron Cross Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Iskra Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 2002–present
Isocracy Berkeley, California, USA 1986-88

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