List of Places Named After Pope John Paul II

List Of Places Named After Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II was celebrated during his lifetime and later posthumously with several honours and as the namesake of several places and institutions. Such places often bear the name John Paul II but newer institutions are using the name John Paul the Great.

The historic house museum located in his family home in Wadowice, Poland is called the Holy Father John Paul II Family Home in Wadowice.

Educational and cultural centres named in honour of the Pope include the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family whose largest campuses are located at the Lateran University in Rome, Italy and Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, United States. Affiliated campuses are found in Australia, Benin, Brazil, India, Mexico and Spain. There is also a Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in the United States capital. John Paul the Great Catholic University is a rededicated degree-granting institution in San Diego, California. Several John Paul II Catholic Centres may be found on college and university campuses around the world, usually serving students and staff as Roman Catholic chapels. Several elementary and secondary schools also use the name John Paul II or John Paul the Great, like Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Prince William County, Virginia, administered by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia or "Nashville Dominicans." (The tabernacle and cornerstone of the school were blessed by Pope Benedict XVI during Mass at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. on 17 April 2008.)

Several national and municipal public projects were named in honour of the Pope. Rome's main railway station, the Roma Termini station, was dedicated to Pope John Paul II by a vote of the City Council, a first municipal public object in Rome bearing the name of a non Italian. International airports named after him are John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice — one of the principal airports of Poland—and the João Paulo II Airport in the Azores. The Juan Pablo II Bridge is located in Chile, while John Paul II Square in Bulgaria denotes the Pope's visit to Sofia in 2002. Estádio João Paulo II (John Paul II Stadium) is a football (soccer) stadium in Mogi-Mirim in Brazil. Parvis Notre-Dame - Place Jean-Paul II is a centrepiece of one of Paris' neighbourhoods. Pope John Paul II Park is a feature of Boston, Massachusetts while Pope John Paul II Drive serves residents of Chicago, Illinois. In San Diego, California, New Catholic University has renamed itself John Paul the Great Catholic University.

In the Philippines, the Parish of Jesus, the Way the Truth and the Life mear SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City is also called the John Paul II International Youth Centre. When the Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Jean Louis Tauran went to the country, he was greeted by the youth from all the Suffragan Dioceses of the Archdiocese of Manila there. In Pasig Catholic College, one of the main exit gates for High School Students is named "Pope John Paul II Gate". This gate immediately leads to the Bishop's estate and The Immaculate Conception Cathedral. In Bacolod City, a tower was dedicated to him at the Reclamation area near SM City Bacolod and was named The Pope John Paul II Tower. It is the city's highest structure.

Of international interest, Ioannes Paulus II Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands was named in honour of the Pope. The Antarctic landmark recognises his contribution to world peace and understanding among people.

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