List of Nintendo Game Cube Games With 480p and 16:9 Support

List Of Nintendo Game Cube Games With 480p And 16:9 Support

The following is a list of Nintendo GameCube games with support for 480p (progressive scan) display mode, also known as enhanced definition. It also indicates those titles which support 16:9 (widescreen) mode.

In order to benefit from this support, it is necessary to use either a GameCube console equipped with a digital A/V output port (model DOL-001), or a Wii console. In both cases, a component video cable and a supporting television is required. However, support for component video was removed with the DOL-101 revision of the GameCube hardware in May, 2004. As the official Nintendo GameCube Component Video Cable was discontinued at the same time, it is nowadays difficult to obtain. All Wii systems are capable of outputting 480p for compatible Wii and GameCube games.

Only games produced for NTSC regions will directly support this mode. Although PAL editions of the DOL-001 hardware were produced, the games themselves only support PAL (576i) or PAL60 (480i). As such, those featured in this list all refer to the NTSC region versions released in either the United States or Japan. Provided that all other pre-requisites are satisfied, some NTSC titles may be used on PAL hardware in 480p mode but, due to region locking, this requires the use of either a software loader (such as the Datel Freeloader) or a modchip.

When Progressive Scan is used for the first time, or if it is ever turned off, the B button needs to be held down as the system is being turned on. This will display a prompt, giving the player the option to turn Progressive Scan on or off by selecting either "Yes" or "No". The next time a Progressive Scan compatible game is played, it is not necessary to hold down the B button as the system remembers this setting and will automatically display the prompt.

When any GameCube game is played on a Wii console connected with component cables and set to 480p mode, the prompt will always automatically appear.

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List Of Nintendo Game Cube Games With 480p And 16:9 Support - List
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