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  • Cab: Cab Kaye
  • Cag: Cag Cagnolatti
  • Cake: Al "Cake" Wichard
  • Candy: Floyd "Candy" Johnson
  • Cannonball: Julian Adderley
  • Captain: Captain John Handy
  • Cat: William Alonzo Anderson
  • Cat (The): Jimmy Smith
  • Chairman of the Board: Frank Sinatra aka "Ol' Blue Eyes", "The Voice"
  • Chick: Chick Corea
  • Chick: Chick Webb
  • Chico: Chico Freeman
  • Chink: Chink Martin
  • Chu: Leon "Chu" Berry Charlie Parker named his first son "Leon" after Chu
  • Chubby: Chubby Jackson
  • Chummy: Chummy MacGregor
  • Cie: Cie Frazier
  • Cleanhead: Eddie Vinson
  • Conte: Conte Candoli
  • Coop: Bob Cooper
  • Cootie: Charles Williams
  • Corky: Corky Cornelius
  • Cornbread: Hal Singer
  • Count: Count Basie
  • Count (The): Conte Candoli
  • Count (The): Steve Marcus
  • Cow Cow: Charles Edward Davenport
  • Cozy: Cozy Cole
  • Cutty: Cutty Cutshall

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