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BK (Dadi) Gulzar

Entities Channeled: Avyakt BapDada or the God, Shiva.
Dates of contact: 1969
Number of channeled texts: not available

“Avyakt BapDada” is the name given to what the BKWSU believed is the combined form of their deceased founder, Lehkraj Kirpalani, or “Brahma Baba” as they now call him, and the spiritual entity that he named as “Shiva”, claimed to be the ‘Supreme Soul’ or “God”. “Bap and Dada” equating to the Father of the BKWSU and the God Father. Whereas Kirpalani was the original medium for spiritual entity called Shiva, he (or they) speak since 1969 via trance channelling through the physical body (“chariot”) of a senior sister, and primary trance medium of the BKWSU, called Hirday Mohini or “Dadi Gulzar”, as happening pictured above.

Since the death of (Dada) Lekhraj Kirpalani (or "Brahma Baba" as they now call him), the role of channelling the Shiva within the BKWSU, has fallen upon BK, or Dadi, Gulzar. It is said that when she is possessed by Bapdada, Gulzar goes out of her body and is held in suspension in the Subtle regions. During the period of possession, it is said that both Shiva and Brahma are presenting on Earth, talking and move her body whilst they instruction the institution and meet groups of BK Brahmins. Mostly they remain sitting, although on a few occasions they have stood and moved.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) refuse public access to the channelled messages from God, called ‘Murlis’ or ‘Vanis’, that make up their core teachings. Instead these are kept hidden behind obscure, password-protected and encypted websites. Recently not just non-BKs but often loyal followers are often refused offsite access to them. Emailing Murlis to associates is discouraged.

Whilst speaking, the messages are broadcast via securely encrypted audio-video channels to BK centers, recorded, transcribed and translated. They are then distributed to BKWSU centers world-wide. “God” speaks a middle class Hindi with a few English words.

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