List of Marvel Comics Golden Age Characters - Modern Age Golden Age

Modern Age Golden Age

These characters all appeared after Marvel Comics was established but were retconned as characters who were active during the Golden Age.

  • 3-D Man (Charles "Chuck" Chandler)
  • Agent Axis (Hiroyuki Kanegawa, Aldo Malvagio, Berthold Volker) - merged form of Japanese (Hiroyuki Kanegawa), German (Berthold Volker), & Italian (Aldo Malvagio) spies when their plane was struck by lightning; kidnapped Sam Sabuki to cure his schizophrenia which inadvertently resulted in the formation of the Kid Commandos; killed in recent times by Thin Man, but somehow reborn as the Pterorist
  • Baron Von Blitzschlag - Nazi mad scientist; geneticist with the power to throw lightning from his hands, fought various heroes in Germany during the Second World War. Currently working for the Initiative.
  • Bucky (Fred Davis) - Batboy who takes the place of Bucky after he is seemingly killed at the end of World War II; partner for Captain America II (Naslund) and Captain America III (Mace).
  • Bucky (Jack Monroe) - Deceased; went on to become known as Nomad and Scourge of the Underworld.
  • Captain America (William Burnside/"Steve Rogers") - sought Government sponsorship to become the next Captain America during the Korean War; impersonated Rogers during the 1950s until captured by US Government and placed in suspended animation; went on to be known as Grand Director. Reawakened by Dr. Faustus to battle Bucky Barnes in his incarnation as the new Captain America.
  • Captain Wings - member of the Crusaders; he was unable to serve in the British army due to his slight heart murmur; he later abandoned his suit after the belt that powered his wings were destroyed and he learned of its Nazi origins; current whereabouts and status unknown.
  • Crimson Commando (Frank Bohannon) - former member of The Department, Project Wideawake and Freedom Force.
  • Destroyer (Roger Aubrey) - former member of the V-Battalion and Crusaders
  • Ghost Girl - member of the Crusaders; ; she is Scottish and used a machine given by Alfie; later she abandoned her equipment when she learned its origin and her belt that powered it was destroyed
  • Golden Girl (Gwenny Lou Sabuki) - member of the Kid Commandos; she is Japanese-American and the daughter of Dr. Sam Sabuki, mother of Golden Sun and grandmother of Goldfire; she was mutated by a weapon of Agent Axis when it was overloaded by Bucky and Toro; also later known as Golden Woman
  • Human Top (David Mitchell) - member of the Kid Commandos, Penance Council and father of Topsin; he was mutated by a weapon of Agent Axis after it was overloaded by Bucky and Toro
  • Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) - a Nazi and Bundist; he was an agent of Hitler and member of Super-Axis; empowered by a variant of the super soldier serum created by Brain Drain; later married warrior Woman and placed in suspended animation at the end of World War II by Dr. Friedrich Kraus under the direction of Baron Strucker; revived in modern times and had his powers siphoned by the new Master Man (Herr Nacht); seemingly died from wounds from an explosion he caused to destroy Nacht and Warrior Woman for betraying him; but resurfaced and later helped Cable against Apocalypse where he was killed in battle; also known as Übermensch and the Mighty Destroyer.
  • Spirit of '76 (William Nasland) former member of the Invaders and All-Winners Squad; would go on to replace and die as Captain America
  • Spitfire (Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Critchton)
  • Stonewall (Louis Hamilton) - former member of Freedom Force.
  • Super Sabre (Martin Fletcher) - former member of Freedom Force.
  • U-Man (Meranno) - an Atlantean and member of Super-Axis and Axis Mundi; father of Nia Noble through Lady Lotus; former research scientist and childhood friend of Namor; later banished by Namor when he became Emperor to act in stead of the comatose Thakorr
  • Union Jack (James Montgomery Falsworth)
  • Union Jack (Brian Falsworth)
  • Warrior Woman.
  • Lady Lotus.
  • Brain Drain.
  • Baron Blood (John Falsworth).
  • Iron Cross.
  • Blue Bullet.
  • Comet (Harris Moore).
  • Nick Fury.
  • Dum Dum Dugan.
  • Gabe Jones.
  • Rebel Ralston.
  • Dino Manelli.
  • Izzy Cohen.
  • Junior Juniper.
  • Pinky Pinkerton.
  • Eric Koenig.
  • Leatherneck Raiders.
  • Baron Strucker.
  • Doctor Strange.

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