List of Department Stores By Country - America, North - Canada


Currently trading:

  • Army & Navy Stores
  • The Bargain! Shop - Discount stores (formerly the Canadian stores of F. W. Woolworth Company).
  • Best Impressions - Lancaster, ON. quality discount variety store.
  • Bowring Brothers - St. John's, NL. department store. Also national home decor store chain.
  • Canadian Tire - Auto repair garage, hardware, home renovations, sports, garden centre, electronics, auto parts, furniture, food, housewares, towels. Franchised stores with independent owners.
  • Consumers Distributing - Catalogue store 1957-1996, Fall 2012 Relaunched the brand, head office located in Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Costco - USA, warehouse superstore, food, electronics, furniture, clothing, car repair.
  • Dollar Giant - Dollar store chain, founded in 2001, head office in Vancouver
  • Dollarama - Canada's largest dollar store chain.
  • Fields - Discount chain owned by FHC Holdings Ltd. The chain was purchased from Hudson's Bay Company in 2012.
  • Giant Tiger / Tigre Géant - Discount stores.
  • Hart Stores - Eastern Canada discount chain.
  • Holt Renfrew - A high-end department store.
  • Korvette - Found in various regions in the province of Quebec.
  • LALIBERTÉ - On St-Joseph Street in Quebec City.
  • La Maison Ogilvy - High-end department store in Montreal.
  • L'Aubainerie - Quebec mid-size discount store similar to Giant Tiger. Formerly known as Croteau, some selected locations continue to trade under the former name.
  • La Maison Simons - Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Laval in Quebec Province and Edmonton, Alberta. Founded 1840.
  • Liquidation World - Furniture, hardware, home, grocery, health & beauty, clothing liquidation retailer with outlets across Canada.
  • London Drugs - Western Canadian department store chain that sells personal care products, snacks, electronics, and computers.
  • Riff's - Newfoundland department store chain.
  • Rossy - Discount store chain in Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • Sears Canada - Formerly Simpsons-Sears.
  • Stedmans V&S - Discount stores.
  • Target Canada - Part of U.S. giant Target Corporation. Stores opening 2013.
  • Taylor's - Quebec department store chain.
  • The Bay/La Baie - Department store owned by Hudson's Bay Company, which itself is American-owned since 2006.
  • The North West Company - Retail, primarily northern and smaller towns.
  • Walmart Canada Part of U.S giant walmart
  • Winners/Marshalls - Part of U.S giant TJX Companies
  • XS Cargo - Discount retailer chain dealing in clearance items.
  • Zellers - Discount department store owned by Hudson's Bay Company, which itself is American-owned since 2006.


  • Adilman's Department Store - Saskatoon, SK (1921–1974)
  • Andrew's
  • The Arcade - St. John's, Nfld.-based discount variety store chain (1938–1995).
  • Ayre and Sons - Newfoundland-based department store chain. Once operated as many as 80 stores coast-to-coast (1859–1991).
  • Bargain Harold's - A 135 location discount store chain based in Ontario with locations in Ontario, Manitoba and the Maritimes went bankrupt in 1992.
  • The Bargain Barn - Interior of B.C.'s and Kelowna's most famous second hand furniture store and a budding head shop (head shop started in spring 2005). Last owned by David Armstrong, originally from Vancouver (Killerbunny Digital 1988- ) and Tiffany Hein, its doors closed in September 2005 due to sickness and the company's full restructuring was almost completed. 1984-2005 in Kelowna, B.C.
  • Biway - Discount store based in Ontario, defunct 2001.
  • The Bon Marché - Independent discount variety store in St. John's, Nfld. (1919–1971).
  • Bretton's - High-end department store 1985-1996.
  • Caban- Club Monaco's Home Store, 2000–2006
  • Corvette
  • Creaghan's - New Brunswick department store chain.
  • Creed's - founded 1916, defunct 1991, high-end family-owned retailer.
  • Dupuis Frères - Quebec-based chain, symbol of French-Canadian commerce and pride.
  • Eaton's - Went bankrupt in 1999, and acquired by Sears Canada. Defunct in 2002.
  • Fortin - In downtown Trois-Rivières, Quebec; bought by Dupuis Frères.
  • Freimans - Longtime Ottawa retailer, acquired by the Bay in 1972.
  • Greenberg - Merged with SAAN.
  • Horizon - Discount department store operated by Eaton's, 1967-1978.
  • Holman's - Chain of stores in Prince Edward Island. Closed in early 1990s.
  • Kmart Canada - Discount department store, usually in the suburbs, created by S.S. Kresge – sold Canadian stores to Hudson's Bay Company in 1997. Many of these stores closed outright; the few that remained were converted to HBC's Zellers banner.
  • La Compagnie Paquet - 6 stores in Quebec City area. Closed June 1981. Some stores acquired by The Bay.
  • Laroque's Department Store - 169-177 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Originally constructed in 1923 to cater to the Francophone community of Lowertown. William Noffke made additions to the space in 1930. - Closed circa 1970-1971 - Now The Mercury Court Building, housing offices of Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. and shops. Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. renovated and expanded the space from 1989 to 1993. Features include a Mercury weathervane by the American sculptor, W. H. Mullen, which was rescued from the Sun Life Building, demolished in 1949. The building was included amongst other architecturally interesting and historically significant buildings in Doors Open Ottawa, held June 2 and 3, 2012.
  • Lasalle - Discount department store.
  • Le Syndicat de Québec - Acquired by La Compagnie Paquet in 1974.
  • Letendre - On Saint Catherine Street East, Montreal; bought by CDS, then Eaton. The store closed after Eaton's expansion in the west. The building remains at the corner of Montcalm (NE).
  • The London, New York and Paris - St. John's, Nfld. department store chain (1916–1991).
  • Marks & Spencer - Canadian stores closed 1999
  • Met Mart - Short-lived department store. Closed at the same time as Greenberg and Metropolitan Stores, some of the stores were turned into SAAN stores. Met Mart was named after its sister chain Metropolitan Stores.
  • Metropolitan Stores Ltd. - Sister chain of SAAN, stores later converted to the SAAN name.
  • Miracle Mart - Discount department store operated by Steinberg's, defunct 1992. Some outlets of the spinoff grocery chain, Miracle Food Mart, were acquired by Dominion Stores.
  • Morgan's - Merged with Hudson's Bay Company.
  • Murphy-Gamble - Ottawa store, acquired by Simpson's.
  • Ogilvy's (Charles Ogilvy Limited) - Ottawa-area chain, merged with Robinson's in 1980s, defunct 1990s.
  • Peoples - (1914–1995) discount store closed at the same time as its parent company Wise Stores.
  • Prange & Prangeway - H. C. Prange Co. Opened in 1911. The chain was reported to have gone bankrupt in the autumn of 1995.
  • Plazamart - On St-Hubert Street in Montreal.
  • Pollack - In Quebec City area and Trois-Rivières - bankrupted in 1978.
  • Pryce Jones - Calgary branch of United Kingdom mail-order company, operated 1911 to 1916.
  • The Right House - Higher-end department stores, last store closed in the 1990s.
  • Robinson's - Southern Ontario chain, merged with Ogilvy's in 1980s, acquired by Hudson's Bay Company in 1990s.
  • Royal Stores - Newfoundland department store chain (1895–1977).
  • S&R Department Store - Discount store in Kingston (1959–2009) and Belleville.
  • SAAN Stores - Discount stores (1947–2008). Most of chain's locations and SAAN name bought on asset basis by the Bargain! Shop.
  • Sam's Club - opened 2005 and expanded to 6 locations; closed 2009
  • Sayvette - Discount department store, defunct 1970s.
  • Sentry - Ontario chain of retail department stores, various locations from Sarnia to Kingston, co-founded 1961 by Samuel Joseph Lipson (August 15, 1911–November 12, 2006). A discount department store with the slogan "Sentry – Guards your dollar", this small regional chain closed in the early 1980s.
  • Shop-Rite - Catalogue store operated by Hudson's Bay Company in 1970s-1992.
  • Simpson's - Acquired by the Hudson's Bay Company and closed 1991; name now owned by Sears Canada since 2001
  • Simpsons-Sears Limited - Renamed Sears Canada Inc. 1952-1984
  • Spencer's - Western Canada, bought by Eaton's.
  • S.S. Kresge - Smaller, downtown locations.
  • Target - Newfoundland discount variety store chain (1981–1995) - never related to American company.
  • Towers Department Stores/BoniMart - Sold to Zellers in 1990.
  • Walker Department Store - Galt, Ontario.
  • Wise Stores - Similar to Hart Stores.
  • Wizmart- Discount liquidation store created by Wise Stores
  • Wood Brothers - Halifax department store chain.
  • Woodward's - Western Canada, defunct 1993. most stores converted to Zellers and The Bay.
  • Woodwynn - Junior department store owned by Woodward's, defunct 1993.
  • Woolco - Discount department store, usually in the suburbs, acquired by Wal-Mart in 1994.
  • F. W. Woolworth Company - Closed Canadian stores in 1994, though some became Woolco (such as the Whitehorse outlet).
  • Yaohan - single location in Vancouver in late 1990s

Coming in the future

  • Target Canada (Spring 2013)

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