List of Big Brother 7 House Guests (U.S.)

List Of Big Brother 7 House Guests (U.S.)

A total of fourteen HouseGuests entered the house to compete in the All Stars edition of the American reality series Big Brother. This was the first season to feature returning HouseGuests competing for the grand prize, and is one of four seasons to feature previous HouseGuests competing. At least one HouseGuest from each season is featured in the All Stars edition. Big Brother 1 had the lowest amount of participants, with only HouseGuest George competing. Big Brother 6 had the highest amount of HouseGuests competing this year, with Janelle, Howie, James and Kaysar all returning to compete.

Read more about List Of Big Brother 7 House Guests (U.S.):  Alison, Danielle, Diane, Erika, George, Howie, James, Janelle, Jase, Kaysar, Marcellas, Mike, Nakomis, Will

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