List Comprehension

A list comprehension is a syntactic construct available in some programming languages for creating a list based on existing lists. It follows the form of the mathematical set-builder notation (set comprehension) as distinct from the use of map and filter functions.

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Falcon (programming Language) - Features - List Comprehensions
... Further information List comprehension Base types and classes exposing the sequence interface to the internal engine offer a "comp" method which offers all the functionality of a list comprehension construct ... The following is a simple example using a range to create a list comprehension the result is an array of even numbers 2..10 even_array =.comp( ) This generates a list of random ... random_list = List.comp( function n = random(1,10) return n == 10 ? oob(0) n end ) The next, more complete example, uses a generator to fill a set of exactly 10 unique random ...
Python Syntax And Semantics - Functional Programming - Generator Expressions
... Further information List comprehension Introduced in Python 2.4, generator expressions are the lazy evaluation equivalent of list comprehensions ... In contrast, a list comprehension is functionally equivalent, but is greedy in performing all the work primes_under_million = two_thousandth_prime = primes_under_million The list comprehension will ... The generator comprehension is more parsimonious ...
B-Prolog - Loops With Foreach and List Comprehension
... a built-in, called foreach, for iterating over collections and the list comprehension notation for constructing lists ... A foreach call may also give a list of variables that are local to each iteration and a list of accumulators that can be used to accumulate values from each iteration ... For this reason, we adopt the list comprehension notation from functional languages ...
List Comprehension - Similar Constructs - C++
... C++ does not have any language features directly supporting list comprehensions ... List comprehensions can be constructed using the erase-remove idiom to select elements in a container and the STL algorithm for_each to transform them ... apply transformation for_each(begin(d), end(d), transformation) return d } int main { list range(10) // range is a list of 10 elements, all zero iota(begin(range ...

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