Lipman is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alan Lipman, clinical psychologist and pundit
  • Daniel Lipman, writer and producer from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • David J. Lipman, United States biologist and director of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
  • Elinor Lipman, United States novelist
  • Hymen Lipman (also Hyman Lipman), who first patented the pencil with an attached eraser
  • Jacob Goodale Lipman, soil chemist
  • Lori Lipman Brown, Nevada state senator
  • Matthew Lipman, founder of Philosophy for Children
  • Maureen Lipman, British actress and comedienne
  • Mel Lipman, attorney from Nevada and father of Lori Lipman Brown
  • Michael Lipman, English rugby union player
  • Samuel Lipman (1934–1994), music and cultural critic, pianist, and co-founder (with Hilton Kramer) of The New Criterion literary magazine

As a given name, it can refer to:

  • Lipman Bers, Latvian mathematician & activist
  • Lipman "Lip" Emanuel Pike, United States baseball player

Other articles related to "lipman":

Alan Lipman
... Lipman is an American clinical psychologist in practice in Washington, D.C ... Lipman is also a commentator on the areas of violence, mass and school shootings, homicide, terrorism, psychology and psychotherapy, having served as commentator ... Lipman holds the M.A ...
Lipman Bers - Publications
... Bers, Lipman (1953), Theory of pseudo-analytic functions, Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics, New York University, New York, MR 0057347, http// ... Selected works of Lipman Bers ... http// Bers, Lipman (1998), Kra, Irwin Maskit, Bernard, eds ...
Lipman's - History
... In 1850, Lipman and Wolfe formed a partnership in Sacramento, California during the California Gold Rush ... Lipman's was well-known locally for establishing several "firsts" in Portland retail history The first use of an elevator system in a department store ... By the end of its identity, the Lipman's brand had grown into a chain of six stores ...
Mel Lipman
... Lipman, aka Mel Lipman (born in 1936 in Brooklyn, New York) is an attorney, civil libertarian and humanist (nontheist/atheist) activist ... In a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, Lipman stated "My biggest concern is to counter the propaganda from people who think that people who don't believe in a supernatural deity cannot live ... "It is not OK", says Lipman, in the Review-Journal article, "to discriminate against somebody simply because they do not believe in God" ...