Linda Marc

Dr. Linda Marc is a Haitian-American who is published in the areas of HIV/AIDS and minority health issues., Marc’s research focuses on identify psychological and behavioral factors that influence treatment outcomes in HIV infected populations. Her professional background includes research on antiretroviral (ARV) effectiveness, ARV adherence behaviors, immune functioning and virological response to treatment. Marc received a master’s in pharmacoepidemiology and doctorate in social epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health; and a Master of Public Health in chronic disease epidemiology from Yale School of Public Health (where she holds an appointment as a Lecturer in Public Health Practice). She is the former Chair of the Public Health Committee for the Association of Haitian-American Engineers (2005–2007), and was honored in 2005 with an award from the Haitian-Canadian Association of Engineers and Scientists (AIHC) in Canada. In 2007 Marc was selected to serve on the US Census Bureau, Race and Ethnicity Advisory Committee and presides as Vice-Chair of the African-American Committee. In 2009 she is cited by Caribbean World News suggesting that the Caribbean community learn from the Hispanic Community in preparation for the Census 2010 campaign", She is married to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Haiti, Dr. Jean Rénald Clérismé .

She has so far published five peer-reviewed papers:

  • Marc, L.G., Raue, P.J., Bruce, M.L."Screening performance of the 15-item geriatric depression scale in a diverse elderly home care population." (2008) The American journal of geriatric psychiatry : official journal of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, 16 (11), pp. 914–921.
  • Marc, L.G., Testa, M.A., Walker, A.M., Robbins, G.K., Shafer, R.W., Anderson, N.B., Berkman, L.F. "Educational attainment and response to HAART during initial therapy for HIV-1 infection" (2007) Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 63 (2), pp. 207–216.
  • Reynolds, N.R., Testa, M.A., Marc, L.G., Chesney, M.A., Neidig, J.L., Smith, S.R., Vella, S., Robbins, G.K. "Factors influencing medication adherence beliefs and self-efficacy in persons naive to antiretroviral therapy: A multicenter, cross-sectional study" (2004) AIDS and Behavior, 8 (2), pp. 141–150.
  • Benson, L.O., Marc, L. "Automating surveillance for the analysis of adverse event case reports" (1997) Drug Information Journal, 31 (3), pp. 825–832.
  • Benson, L.O., Kuelbs, E., Marc, L., Lock, C. "Implementing and evaluating computer-assisted coding of adverse events" (1996) Drug Information Journal, 30 (3), pp. 799–809.

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