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Antique Vehicle Registration
... from vehicle inspection, and/or distinctive vehicle registration plates ... rules to the Virginia example above, Tennessee does not allow transfer of antique license plates between owners when a vehicle is sold so the original owner ... The special license plate may take the form of a newly manufactured license plate with a legend such as "Antique", "Historic", "Early American", or "Horseless Carriage." The license plate has a separate number ...
Choose Life License Plates - Pro-choice License Plates
... Four states currently provide license plates with a pro-choice theme Hawaii, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia ... Hawaii was the first state to offer the plates (2003) ... Virginia differs from the other three states its license plates had to be approved by its Legislature, and fees from sale and registration of the plates will raise ...
Culture Of Rhode Island - Culture - Low Numbered License Plates
... Since 1904, when the first black and white porcelain license plates were issued by the state, politicians have distributed low-numbered plates as a way to reward supporters or ... by making Rhode Island one of the few states which allows the owner to leave license plates to other family members in their will ... For "preferred plates", (Passenger plates with 1 letter and 1-3 digits or 2 letters with 1-2 digits, Passenger plates with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 digits, Commercial/Motorcycle plates with 1-4 digits ...
History Of Vehicle Registration Plates Of The Philippines
... Philippine vehicle registration plates have a long history ... The earliest license plates were introduced around 1912 with the introduction of Legislative Act No ... In this article, "L" stands for a letter in 1974–1980 and 1981 series plates, "X" stands for an alphanumeric symbol (in 1974–1980 license plates), "P" stands ...
Little Shell Band Of Chippewa Indians - Outlier - Militia Activities
... Using bogus license plates and driving documents - Law enforcement officials have noted Little Shell license plates around the country ... arrested after being caught with fake drivers licenses, registrations and insurance cards issued by the Little Shell Band ... The license plates may easily be confused with legitimate tribal license plates ...

Famous quotes containing the words plates and/or license:

    I have experienced such simple delight in the trivial matters of fishing and sporting, formerly, as might have inspired the muse of Homer or Shakespeare; and now, when I turn the pages and ponder the plates of the Angler’s Souvenir, I am fain to exclaim,—
    “Can such things be,
    And overcome us like a summer’s cloud?”
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    It would much conduce to the public benefit, if, instead of discouraging free-thinking, there was erected in the midst of this free country a dianoetic academy, or seminary for free-thinkers, provided with retired chambers, and galleries, and shady walks and groves, where, after seven years spent in silence and meditation, a man might commence a genuine free-thinker, and from that time forward, have license to think what he pleased, and a badge to distinguish him from counterfeits.
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)