Liberty Lobby

Liberty Lobby was an American political advocacy organization founded in 1958 that went bankrupt in 2001. It was founded by Willis Carto. In their own words,

Liberty Lobby is a pressure group for patriotism — the only lobby in Washington, D.C., registered with Congress which is wholly dedicated to the advancement of government policies based on our Constitution and conservative principles.

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Lyndon LaRouche - 1970s - 1974: Contacts With Far Right Groups, Intelligence Gathering
... LaRouche established contacts with Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby and elements of the Ku Klux Klan in 1974 ... Donner and Randall Rothenberg wrote that he made successful overtures to the Liberty Lobby and George Wallace's American Independent Party, adding that the "racist" policies of ... Right, says that LaRouche shared with the Liberty Lobby's Willis Carto an antipathy towards the Rockefeller family ...
Anderson V. Liberty Lobby, Inc.
... Liberty Lobby, Inc ... Because appellate courts always recite Liberty Lobby when reviewing a trial court's grant of summary judgment, Liberty Lobby is the most quoted Supreme Court case ...
Victor Marchetti
... paleoconservative critic of the United States Intelligence Community and the Israel lobby in the United States ... and in 1978 he published an article about the JFK assassination in the far-right newspaper of the Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight ... Howard Hunt sued the Liberty Lobby and Marchetti for defamation and won $650,000 in damages ...
Liberty Lobby - Aftermath
... Liberty Lobby was infiltrated by journalist Robert Eringer and exposed by him in several articles ... In 2001, Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto lost a civil lawsuit brought by a rival far-right group which had earlier gained control of the Institute for Historical Review, and the ensuing judgment for damages. 2008, the political organization called Liberty Lobby remains defunct ...
E. Howard Hunt - JFK Conspiracy Theories
... of the book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (1974)—appeared in the Liberty Lobby newspaper The Spotlight on August 14, 1978 ... Hunt sued Liberty Lobby—but not the Sunday News Journal—for libel ... Liberty Lobby stipulated, in this first trial, that the question of Hunt's alleged involvement in the assassination would not be contested ...

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    The indifferent clerk he knowing what was going to happen
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    Gregory Corso (b. 1930)

    For why should my liberty be subject to the judgment of someone else’s conscience?
    Bible: New Testament, 1 Corinthians 10:29.

    Paul. His belief is that, out of charity, one should not offend the conscience of another.