Li Jingxuan

Li Jingxuan (李敬玄) (615–682), formally Duke Wenxian of Zhao (趙文憲公), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as chancellor during the reign of Emperor Gaozong. He was famed for his knack of organizing the civil service system efficiently, but his downfall began in 678, when he, over his objection, was put in command of an army against Tufan and was defeated. He was removed from his post soon thereafter, and while he would return to imperial service, he would never regain the power he had.

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... In 649, Emperor Taizong, and Li Zhi took the throne (as Emperor Gaozong) ... Li Jingxuan's activities during the earliest years of Emperor Gaozong's reign are not clear, but as of the early part of Emperor Gaozong's Qianfeng era (666-668), he was ... additional titles as a staff member for Emperor Gaozong's crown prince Li Hong and acting deputy minister of civil service ...
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... In 675, Li Jinxing reached Silla territory with Mohe forces that submitted to Tang ... Both Hao Chujun and Li Yiyan objected strenuously, and Emperor Gaozong did not make her regent ... Also in 675, Li Hong the Crown Prince died suddenly—with traditional historians largely attributing his death to poisoning by Empress Wu, due to her anger that he tried to curb her power grab and ...