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Agency For The Legal Deposit Libraries
... The Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries (formerly known as the Copyright Libraries Agency) acts as on behalf of five of the legal deposit libraries defined in United Kingdom and Republic of ... These five libraries, designated as legal deposit libraries under the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 and Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, are entitled to request a free copy of any material ... The Agency submits requests to publishers on behalf of the libraries ...
OS Master Map - Custodianship of The Data
... deposited, by law, with each of the six legal deposit libraries in the UK ... Ordnance Survey makes annual 'snapshots' of the data and voluntarily deposits with the legal deposit libraries If you are not a licensee and wish to view and undertake limited copying of historic ... The data may only be accessed within the premises of one of these Libraries, and views and prints made from the data may only be used for purposes included within the exceptions to the Copyright Designs and Patents ...

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