Learning Resource Center - Learning Resources Center Specialist's Role

Learning Resources Center Specialist's Role

As a teacher, the library media specialists works with students and other members of the learning community to analyze learning and information needs, to locate and use resources that will meet those needs, and to understand and communicate the information the resource provides. The library media specialist is knowledgeable about current research on teaching and learning and skilled in applying its findings to a variety of situations – particularly those that call upon students to access, evaluate, and use information from multiple sources in order to learn, to think, and to create and to apply knowledge. In short, the library media specialist teaches students to use information for critical thinking and problem solving using the information literacy standards for student learning set.

A learning resources center's success depends firstly on the range of its engagement in modern learning methods implementation, which gives more concentration to learner role in learning process, and evaluates work mechanism, in learning resources centers on the bases that learning resources center is not a place supported with learning resources accordingly, but educational action and substantial element of different elements of classroom lesson. The Work mechanism in learning resources centers requires following two methods and merging between them.

  1. Benefiting from learning resources centers requires each teacher to implement one lesson weekly (or according to school classes number) in the learning resources center and to depend, in this lesson, mainly on group learning method (cooperative learning) .
  2. In the second method, benefiting from learning resources centers does not require teacher to implement class lesson in learning resources center, but he has to follow up the same previous procedures, then allow the students to implement their projects referring to learning resources center outside the lesson time, and students to be given, in this case, more time to implement the project, then require do a presentation and discussion in the class.

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