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Technical Features

The boiler was rivetted from several sections. The outer firebox was equipped with a semi-circular dome that extended forward over the boiler barrel and acted as a steam collection space. The two spring balance safety valves were located on the dome of the outer firebox.

The steam cylinders were located externally, unlike those on English locomotives, which avoided the need for a cranked axle that would have been expensive and difficult to manufacture. The steam engine was equipped with inside Stephenson valve gear.

The locomotives did not have their own braking equipment. Braking could only be achieved using the hand-operated screw brake on the tender.

The locomotives had Kirchweger condensers to pre-heat the feedwater. An external feature of that is the second chimney on the tender. Exhaust steam was led from the valve chest to the tender through a low-down, 100 mm, connecting pipe.

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