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Space Accidents And Incidents - Non-astronaut Fatalities - Other Non-astronaut Fatalities
... mobile service structure on Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A. 22, fell more than 30 meters to his death from the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39B service structure ... Workers were preparing LC-39B for a planned September 1981 launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia ...
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 9
... Launch Complex 9 (LC-9) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is a launch pad on Cape Canaveral in Florida ... It is north of Launch Complex 17 ... small concrete structure consisting of an elevated launch pedestal and flame trench, centered on a small oval-shaped concrete pad ...
Spaceport Florida Launch Complex 46
... Space Launch Complex 46 (SLC-46) is a launch complex at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station operated under license by Space Florida for Athena rocket launches ... Following the completion of the Trident's land-based tests, the complex was deactivated ... of SLC-46, a nearby sounding rocket complex, LC-43 was demolished ...
Apollo 7 - Mission Highlights
... After the January 1967 Apollo launch pad fire, the Apollo Command Module had been extensively redesigned ... Guenter Wendt had been leader of the spacecraft launch pad teams, with ultimate responsibility for condition of the spacecraft at launch ... and Schirra personally lobbied North American's launch operations manager to change Wendt's shift from midnight to day so he could be pad leader for Apollo 7 ...
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 5
... Launch Complex 5 (LC-5) was a launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida used for various Redstone and Jupiter launches ... It is most well known as the launch site for NASA's 1961 suborbital Mercury-Redstone 3 flight, which made Alan Shepard the first American in space ... It was also the launch site of Gus Grissom’s Mercury-Redstone 4 flight ...

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