Lateral Pharyngeal Wall

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Pharyngeal Flap Surgery - Pharyngeal Flap Procedures
... Posterior pharyngeal flap surgery is the most commonly used operation to restore velopharyngeal competence (i.e ... Posterior pharyngeal flaps can be based superiorly or inferiorly and the velum can be split transversely or along the midline (Lideman-Boshki et al ... positioned, superior based flaps continue to be the most popular pharyngeal flap choice, yet inferior based flaps are easier for the surgeon to perform ...
Palatal Lift Prosthesis - Surgical Alternatives To Palatal Lift Prostheses
... Pharyngeal Flap Surgery The superiorly based or inferiorly based pharyngeal flap surgical procedure offers an alternative to the fabrication of a palatal lift prosthesis ... A pharyngeal flap surgery unites the posterior pharyngeal wall and the soft palate to definitively occlude the midsagittal aspect of the palatopharyngeal port while bilaterally maintaining patencies ... eliminates the need for a palatal lift prosthesis and its incumbent disadvantages, the pharyngeal flap surgical procedure is often favored as a first option for addressing ...

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