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The town of La Garita is widely popular and known for its unique Mexican cuisine. There is no other place in the state that you can enjoy and savor the many rich flavors of the following foods:

  • Birria de Chivo - marinated goat stew
  • Sopitos - similar to a taco, a small corn tortilla fried in oil or lard, with mince meat, sauce, and cabbage
  • Tostadas de Lomo - a large (dinner plate size) fried tortilla topped with mayonnaise or refried beans with fried pork loin, cabbage or lettuce, tomatoes, onions, grated cheese, and sauce
  • Tacos de Cabeza - tacos made with steak from the head of the cow, cilantro, onions, and hot tomatillo sauce
  • Tacos de Adobada (made with a special adobo also made in the town) - tacos made with marinated pork tenderloin, with cilantro, onions, and hot tomatillo sauce
  • Enchiladas - tacos rolled in a corn tortilla topped with a spicy/sweet sauce, cabbage, and grated cheese
  • Tortas de Lomo - A sandwich-type food made with a crispy dinner roll, with fried pork loin, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, mayonnaise, and hot jalapeño peppers if preferred.
  • Tamales (Rojos, Verdes, Rajas, Queso) - Tamales are like corn cakes filled with either pork or beef in red or green hot sauce, cheese, or sliced peppers (the peppers vary by region).
  • Carnitas - Fried pork that comes in many forms from stomach, intestines, maw, rinds or cracklings, and many other parts.

Those are some of its more popular foods, but when it comes to drinks:

  • Freshed squeezed juices every morning (Carrots, beets, oranges, apples, celery).
  • Chocolate milk with "rompope" (alcoholic eggnog), quail eggs, protein powder, cinnamon, and many more.
  • Atole - made with flour, brown sugar (comes in sugar cones), milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.
  • Tequila - of course it is the most popular Mexican alcoholic drink and it is very popular in La Garita.

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