Korsakoff Syndrome

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Amnesiac - Types of Amnesia
... long-term alcoholism, severe malnutrition, stroke, head trauma, surgery, Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, cerebrovascular events, anoxia or other trauma ... The cause of this syndrome is not clear ... The hypothesis of the syndrome includes transient reduced blood flow, possible seizure or an atypical type of migraine ...
Korsakoff's Syndrome - In Popular Culture
... probable that Boston Corbett, the man who shot John Wilkes Booth, suffered from Korsakoff's syndrome later in life due to his pre-and-post war profession ... Strangers is a play by Edward Einhorn based on the syndrome ... Half-Life 2 mod Korsakovia, the player character Christopher is under treatment for Korsakoff's Syndrome ...
Memory Disorders in Alphabetical Order - Wernicke-Korsakoff’s Syndrome
... Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS) is a severe neurological disorder caused by thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency, and is usually associated with chronic excessive ... Korsakoff's syndrome is also characterized by profound amnesia, disorientation and frequent confabulation (making up or inventing information to compensate for poor memory) ... Symptoms of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome include confusion, amnesia, and impaired short-term memory ...

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