Knowledge Exchange

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International Cooperation On Airport Surveillance
... Knowledge exchange is the key to success International Cooperation on Airport Surveillance ICAS zone of influence Abbreviation ICAS Motto Knowledge exchange is the key to ...
Science And Technology Facilities Council - Knowledge Exchange Obligations
... STFC is active in its responsibility for knowledge exchange from government funded civil science into UKPLC ... However knowledge exchange activities are not purely limited to commercialization of technologies, but also cover a wider range of activities which aim to transfer expertise ...

Famous quotes containing the words exchange and/or knowledge:

    There is a delicate balance of putting yourself last and not being a doormat and thinking of yourself first and not coming off as selfish, arrogant, or bossy. We spend the majority of our lives attempting to perfect this balance. When we are successful, we have many close, healthy relationships. When we are unsuccessful, we suffer the natural consequences of damaged and sometimes broken relationships. Children are just beginning their journey on this important life lesson.
    —Cindy L. Teachey. “Building Lifelong Relationships—School Age Programs at Work,” Child Care Exchange (January 1994)

    Ambitious men spend their youth in rendering themselves worthy of patronage; it is their great mistake. While the foolish creatures are laying in stores of knowledge and energy, so that they shall not sink under the weight of responsible posts that recede from them, schemers come and go who are wealthy in words and destitute of ideas, astonish the ignorant, and creep into the confidence of those who have a little knowledge.
    HonorĂ© De Balzac (1799–1850)