Khuen (or Khün) may refer to:

  • Khuen people, an aboriginal ethnic group of Laos, or their language
  • Khün language (or Tai Khün), a language of Burma
  • Dok Khuen
  • Khmuic languages (Khmu’, Khuen)
  • Kuan (disambiguation)
  • Khün Khürtü, a music group from Tuva
Family name
  • the House of Khuen
    • Khuen von Belasi (Belasy) (Khuen-Belasy, originally Khuen, Khuon, Khun), an Austrian noble family of the county of Tyrol
    • Markus Kuen (de) (Czech: Marek Khuen, Marek Khuen z Olomouce; ? - 1565, Kremsier), a Bishop of Olmütz
    • Johann Jakob Kuen von Belasi (de) (c. 1515 - 1586)
    • Johannes Khuen (Kuen) (1606 - 1675)
    • Johann Franz Khuen von Belasi (de) (1649 - 1702, Brixen)
    • (Dragutin) Károly Khuen-Héderváry de Hédervár

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Károly Khuen-Héderváry - Political Career - Prime Minister (1903)
... Széll government proved impotent and, so on 23 May 1903 King Francis Joseph authorised Károly Khuen-Héderváry, ban of Croatia, to initiate negotiations among the Hungarian politicians about the ... to form a government, the king withdrew the commission of Széll and asked Khuen-Héderváry to initiate negotiations in a wider circle than before about the formation of his government at Budapest ... As a result, Khuen-Héderváry made an agreement with the leaders of the Independence Party, promising them that in return for ending the obstruction he would drop the proposition of Fejérváry and ...
Johannes Khuen
... Khuen, who was born in Moosach and studied with the Munich Jesuits in the early 1620s, spent his entire career in the Bavarian capital as a chaplain to the Wartenberg family and beneficiary at the church of St ... Khuen's poetry is closely related to that of the Munich "tract school" with which he was associated, and which included among its more prominent members the Munich court secretary Aegidius Albertinus ... Khuen's songbooks reflect the aims of the Bavarian Counter-Reformation in their insistence on Marian, sanctoral, and Christological imagery their vernacular poetry ...
Károly Khuen-Héderváry - Background
... Károly Khuen was born as an oldest son of the 7 children between Hungarian magnate Antal Khuen de Belás (1817–1886) and his wife Baroness Angelika Izdenczi de Monostor et Komlós (1823–1894) ... decision (dated Vienna, on 5 December 1874), Károly was granted the bearing Khuen-Héderváry name and title of Count ... Héder's brother, Károly Viczay (1802–1867) married to Mária Khuen (1811–1848), Károly Khuen-Héderváry's aunt ...
László Lukács
... of Finance 1910–1912 Succeeded by János Teleszky Preceded by Károly Khuen-Héderváry Prime Minister of Hungary 1912–1913 Succeeded by István Tisza Minister of the Interior 1912–1913 Succeeded by János S ... Tisza Szapáry Wekerle Bánffy Széll Khuen-Héderváry I ... Tisza Fejérváry Wekerle Khuen-Héderváry Lukács I ...
Charles Emmanuel, Landgrave Of Hesse-Rotenburg - Ancestry
... Mathias Khuen, Count of Lichtenberg and Gandegg 11 ... Maria Polyxena Khuen of Lichtenberg 23 ... Mathias Khuen, Count of Lichtenberg and Gandegg =22 15 ...