Kaschenism - Ideology and Philosophy

Ideology and Philosophy

The basics of an ideology of a Kaschenism are told in a text called "Kaschenesis"

Also, there is a digest of the Kashenist ideology formulated in three phrases, a kind of Kaschenists motto; the phrases are:

  • Rigorous observance of mutually exclusive paragraphs.
  • Brutal politrecal correctness. (This is a pun based on homophones: пол-литра (pollítra), half a litre, and политкорректность (polítkorréktnost`), political correctness.)
  • Total schizophasia.

The same in Russian, (as it is written in an upper part of every page of kaschenko.ru):

  • Неукоснительное соблюдение взаимоисключающих параграфов.
  • Брутальная поллитркорректность.
  • Тотальная шизофазия.

Since those slogans written in Russian contain eight words containing 99 letters total, Kaschenists often abbreviate their motto as 8/99, and use such an abbreviation as a greeting (which is in turn a mockery on a Nazi greeting 14/88).

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