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Prussian Union Of Churches - History - Under Nazi Reign - Beginning of The War
... command to unpityingly and mercilessly send men, women and children of Polish descent and language to death ... Almost all the Catholic, Jewish and Protestant clergy in the Warthegau was murdered or expelled, with the exception of some German-speaking Protestant pastors and few such ... Pastors, who would dare to speak up for the Jewish heritage within Christianity, such as the ten commandments, the sanctity of life (Thou shalt not kill), the ...
Interethnic Marriage - History of Ethnoracial Admixture and Attitudes Towards Miscegenation - Europe - Germany
... four grandparents had been enrolled as members of a Jewish congregation, regardless of whether the persecuted themselves were Jews according to the Halachah (roughly ... Non-Aryans comprised mostly Jewish Germans and Gentile Germans of Jewish descent ... However, Germans of extra-European and especially of African descent and Germans regarded as belonging to the minority group of Sinti and Roma were also considered as non-Aryans ...
Organisations of Mischlinge
1933 - initiated by the actor Gustav Friedrich - Christian Germans of Jewish descent founded a self-help organisation, first named Reich Federation of Christian German Citizens of non-Aryan ... nichtarischer Christen e.V.) after the famous Jewish convert to Christianity Paul of Tarsus (Sha'ul) ... organisation named 1937 Association of Provisional Reich Citizens of not purely German-blooded Descent (German Vereinigung 1937 vorläufiger Reichsbürger nicht ...
Mischling - Jewish Identity - Reclassification Procedure
... discriminated person took the action, doubting his genetical descent from the Jewish-classified man until then regarded the biological (grand)father ... and persecuted litigant's status from Jewish-classified to Mischling of first degree, or Mischling of first degree to second degree ... Laws 1935, November Pogrom 1938, and systematic deportations of Jewish Germans and Gentile Germans of Jewish descent to concentration camps, 1941) ...

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    “There is Hawthorne, with genius so shrinking and rare
    That you hardly at first see the strength that is there;
    A frame so robust, with a nature so sweet,
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    Is worth a descent from Olympus to meet;
    James Russell Lowell (1819–1891)

    I got it! The lead, the idea, the angle. It’s the way, it’s the only way. I’ll, I’ll be Jewish.... I’ve even got the title: “I Was Jewish For Six Months.”
    Moss Hart (1904–1961)