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  • In the intermission of the episode of Yu Yu Hakusho appears the Shikigami.
  • In the manga Rosario + Vampire the shikigami of Kiria in the book nº 8
  • In manga series such as Yami no Matsuei, Mahou Sensei Negima and many others, shikigami are depicted as magical servants made from folded or cut paper.
  • In the anime OVA Doomed Megalopolis (an adaptation of the novel Teito Monogatari), the evil onmyōji, Yasunori Kato, is constantly seen summoning hundreds of black shikigami to perform his bidding.
  • In the anime series Shaman King, Yohmei Asakura, the grandfather of Yoh Asakura, utilizes sprite-like shikigami resembling small Totoro using tree leaves as mediums for them. Hao Asakura owns two oni-like shikigami, Zenki and Kouki, who are later on used by Anna Kyoyama after she is able to tame the two.
  • In The Last Blade, Akari Ichijo is often assisted in battle by a shikigami called Hagure Hitogata, who becomes a playable character in the sequel. Selecting him will result in him assuming his opponent's shape.
  • In Zenki, Zenki and Gouki were shikigami of Ozunu Enno, the ancestor of Chiaki Enno, the protagonist. In the series itself, the two act as shikigami for Chiaki.
  • Subaru Sumeragi and Seishirō Sakurazuka, onmyōji from Tokyo Babylon and X/1999, employ shikigami as summoned spies and also to spiritually attack opponents.
  • Shikigami are featured heavily in the manga/anime series InuYasha. Kikyo uses several to collect souls and to deliver messages and creates three human-like shikigami when she is poisoned and needs to bide time to find a way to recover. Two of her shikigami take on the form of two girls, Kochō and Asuka, and the third one is a replica of herself. Another character in the series, Tsubaki, creates several shikigami as well. Kururugi from the video game Inuyasha: The Cursed Mask uses shikigami as weapons, to heal, and to defend.
  • Maggie Mui in the anime Read or Die: the TV, the middle sister of the three Paper Sisters, creates paper monsters to act as weapons and tools; they are sometimes referred to as shikigami.
  • The anime Onmyou Taisenki revolves around the use of shikigami as spirits or fallen deities summoned to fight each other.
  • The Touhou game Perfect Cherry Blossom contains a boss, Ran Yakumo, who is a shikigami, and another, Chen, who is the shikigami of that shikigami.
  • Shikigami along with Shikiouji appear several times in the Japanese video game series Megami Tensei.
  • The paper birds in the Hayao Miyazaki movie Spirited Away are also shikigami.
  • In Japanese anime and manga Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Meiko Rokudō (六道 冥子), a sweet and innocent but extremely powerful teenage girl, directly controls twelve shikigami.
  • In the video game Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, shikigami take on the appearance of paper-like floating spirits.
  • In the Japanese anime and light novel series Rental Magica, Nekoyashiki uses four shikigami which take the form of cats.
  • In the video game Tales of Symphonia, the character Sheena Fujibayashi fights alongside shikigami when faced as an opponent by the player.
  • In the anime Saiyuki Reload, the four protagonists fight a shikigami that appears to be a clone of themselves.
  • In the anime Ghost Hunt, Koujo Lin is a onmyōji and he has five shikigami.
  • In the anime Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade, Eutus (who actually is Abe no Seimei) has a shikigami serving him. At one time, he said he had dozens helping him, but turned almost all of them off because they were too noisy.
  • In the anime/manga series Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-, the vampire girl, Hazuki, has a shikigami by the name of Haiji. This information is according to AnimeNfo.com & the Moon Phase anime DVD set; Vol. 2.
  • In several of Laurence Yep's books (most notably the Tiger's Apprentice series), the antagonists use monsters that, when killed, turn into paper dolls.
  • In the anime & manga series Naruto, the character Konan uses paper to fight and can also turn into paper. This technique is called "Dance of the Shikigami".

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