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... An amateur (French amateur "lover of", from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom ... Since amateurs often do not have formal training, some amateur work may be considered sub-par ... For example, amateur athletes in sports such as basketball, baseball or football are regarded as having a lower level of ability than professional athletes ...
Meanings Of Minor Planet Names: 9001–9500
9001 Slettebak 1981 QE2 Arne Slettebak, American astronomer (of Norwegian descent)* 9005 Sidorova 1982 UU5 Sophia Ivanovna Sidorova public education supporter in Ukraine 9006 Voytkevych 1982 ... Indian plum trees, genus Flacourtia* 9041 Takane 1991 CX * 9044 Kaoru 1991 KA Kaoru Ikeya, Japanese amateur astronomer* 9052 Uhland 1991 UJ4 Ludwig Uhland, German scholar* 9053 Hamamelis 1991 ... Martin, American astronomer* 9083 Ramboehm 1994 WC4 * 9084 Achristou 1995 CS1 Apostolos Christou, Planetary astronomer, Armagh Observatory † 9087 Neff 1995 SN3 Vladimír Neff, Czech ...
Meanings Of Minor Planet Names: 26001–27000
... father of Agapenor † 26074 Carlwirtz 1977 TD Carl Wilhelm Wirtz, 19th-20th-century German astronomer, the first, in 1924, to prove the existence of a redshift-distance relationship for spiral ... EE46 Carol Claire Vireday, wife of the discoverer † 26937 Makimiyamoto 1997 FQ1 Maki Miyamoto, Japanese actress † 26950 Legendre 1997 JH10 Adrien-Marie Legendre, 18th-19th-century French mathematician ...
Meanings Of Minor Planet Names: 5001–5500
5003 Silvanominuto 1988 ER2 Silvano Minuto, Italian amateur astronomer, founder of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Suno (Suno Observatory) and promoter of ... Keay, Australian physicist and astronomer † 5008 Miyazawakenji 1991 DV Kenji Miyazawa, Japanese poet and children's novelist 5009 Sethos 2562 P-L * 5010 Amenemhêt 4594 P-L Name of nine. 5030 Gyldenkerne 1988 VK4 Kjeld Gyldenkerne, Danish astronomer* 5031 Švejcar 1990 FW1 Josef Švejcar, Czech physician † 5032 Conradhirsh 1990 OO Conrad Hirsh, teacher and explorer* 5033 Mistral 1990 PF Frédér ...
Meanings Of Minor Planet Names: 21001–22000
1937–1943 † 21016 Miyazawaseiroku 1988 VA Seiroku Miyazawa, Japanese publisher, brother of Kenji Miyazawa, the author of Night On The Milky Way Train and The Twin Stars † 21022 Ike 1989 CR Koichi Ike ... Beck, German astronomer and head of the department for astronomical instruments of Carl Zeiss, Jena † 21059 Penderecki 1991 GR10 Krzysztof Penderecki, Polish composer and conductor † 21062 Iasky ... Ramsey, American amateur astronomer who assisted in organizing the Palomar Observatory's 1.2-m Schmidt Oschin Telescope plate archive † 21149 Kenmitchell 1993 HY5 Ken Mitchell ...

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    I have been reporting club meetings for four years and I am tired of hearing reviews of the books I was brought up on. I am tired of amateur performances at occasions announced to be for purposes either of enjoyment or improvement. I am tired of suffering under the pretense of acquiring culture. I am tired of hearing the word “culture” used so wantonly. I am tired of essays that let no guilty author escape quotation.
    Josephine Woodward, U.S. author. As quoted in Everyone Was Brave, ch. 3, by William L. O’Neill (1969)