In the literatures of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, a jangnama is an epic or heroic poem. The word is of Persian origin. In Kashmiri, jangnama refers to epic poetry generally; but jangnama also identifies a specific genre of poetry that deals with Islamic conquests. The genre also exists in Urdu and Punjabi. A variety of different jangnamas were written in the years before 1850; they include:

  • Jangnama by Hamid Shah
  • Jangnama by Maulvi Ghulam Mastifa
  • Jang Ahd by Ahmad Yar
  • Jang Badan by Ahmad Yar
  • Jangnama Lahore by Khan Singh
  • Jangnama Hari Singh by Ram Dayal
  • Jangnama Delhi Khazan Singh
  • Jangnama Kabul Kandhar by Siam
  • Jangnama Kabul by Karam Singh
  • Jangnama Khaibar by Mirza Abdul Hamid
  • Jang Europe by Havinder Nand Singh
  • Jang Chitral by Kahan Singh
  • Jang Singhaan te Angrezan by Shah Mohammad

as well as the anonymous Jang Chitral, Jang Chin, Jang Tiraj, and Jang Zaitun.

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