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Kamen Rider Ixa - Equipment - Ixa Knuckle
... Ixa also has an item called the Ixa Knuckle (イクサナックル, Ikusa Nakkuru?) that serves as his transformation device and becomes the Broken Fang (ブロウクン・ファング, Burōkun Fangu?) with the use ... When used without the Knuckle Fuestle, even while not transformed into Ixa, the user can use a much weaker but still effective version of the Broken Fang ... When the user pushes the knuckle into another part of their body (typically the other hand, although Kengo used it against his boot), it announces "Ready ...
List Of Kamen Rider Kiva Episodes - Episodes - Applause: Motherly Dedicated Transformation
... enjoys his award for beating Otoya and company, the guys mope until Yuri steals the Ixa Knuckle ... As Otoya and Jiro run after her, she finds Rook, showing the "awesome item" as he takes the Ixa Knuckle instead and uses it to battle Otoya and Jiro ... Fortunately, Ixa's side-effects manage to weaken the Rook as Yuri been planned all along ...
List Of Kamen Rider Kiva Episodes - Episodes - Player: The Rules of Cruelty
... fight the Lion Fangire as both Garulu and as Ixa ... In the aftermath, Yuri finds the Ixa Knuckle that Jiro had dropped to get her revenge as the Rook resumes his Time Play with a group of skateboarders ... she does not get involved before Jiro takes the Ixa Knuckle ...

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