Israeli Salad

Israeli salad (Hebrew: סָלָט יְרָקוֹת יִשְׂרְאֵלִי, salat yerakot yisraeli, "Israeli vegetable salad") is a chopped salad of finely diced tomato and cucumber. "Distinguished by the tiny diced tomatoes and cucumbers," it is described as the "most well-known national dish of Israel."

In Israel, it is also commonly referred to as salat yerakot (Hebrew: סָלָט יְרָקוֹת, "vegetable salad"), salat katsutz (Hebrew: סָלָט קָצוּץ, "chopped salad") and salat aravi (Hebrew: סָלָט עֲרָבִי, "Arab salad").

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    Both gossip and joking are intrinsically valuable activities. Both are essentially social activities that strengthen interpersonal bonds—we do not tell jokes and gossip to ourselves. As popular activities that evade social restrictions, they often refer to topics that are inaccessible to serious public discussion. Gossip and joking often appear together: when we gossip we usually tell jokes and when we are joking we often gossip as well.
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