Ipatiev House

Ipatiev House (Russian: Дом Ипатьева) was a merchant's house in Yekaterinburg where the former Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, his family and members of his household were executed following the Bolshevik Revolution. Its name is identical with that of the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma, from where the Romanovs came to the throne.

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Church Of All Saints, Yekaterinburg - Ipatiev House
... The Ipatiev House, built in the 1880s, was a spacious and modern residence owned by Nicholas Ipatiev ... built high wooden walls around the house ... a team, under the direction of Boris Yeltsin, demolished the house ...
Ipatiev House - History - Demolition
... As early as 1923, the photographs of the fenced house were disseminated in the Soviet press under the label of "the last palace of the last Tsar" ... In 1927, the house was designated a branch of the Ural Revolution Museum ... the Politburo decided to take action, declaring that the house was not of 'sufficient historical significance', and ordering its demolition ...
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Of Russia - Biography - World War I and Revolution
... the throne and Anastasia and her family were placed under house arrest at the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo during the Russian Revolution ... and her family were moved to the Ipatiev House, or House of Special Purpose, at Yekaterinburg ... sad last glimpse of Anastasia "Once, standing on some steps at the door of a house close by, I saw a hand and a pink-sleeved arm opening the topmost pane ...
Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Of Russia - Death
... Later, when a new commander was placed in charge of the Ipatiev House, the family was forbidden from fraternizing with the guards and the rules of their confinement became more strict ... At the Ipatiev House, Tatiana and her sisters were required to do their own laundry and make bread ... physical exertion and wished there was more of it for them to do in the Ipatiev House ...

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