Interaction Picture

In quantum mechanics, the Interaction picture (or Dirac picture) is an intermediate between the Schrödinger picture and the Heisenberg picture. Whereas in the other two pictures either the state vector or the operators carry time dependence, in the interaction picture both carry part of the time dependence of observables.

Equations that include operators acting at different times, which hold in the interaction picture, don't necessarily hold in the Schrödinger or the Heisenberg picture. This is because time-dependent unitary transformations relate operators in one picture to the analogous operators in the others. Not all textbooks and articles make explicit which picture each operator comes from, which can lead to confusion and mistakes.

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... as into separate free field and interaction Langrangians ... in isolation, whereas processes involving several particles arise through interactions ... This corresponds to the interaction picture in quantum mechanics ...
Use of Interaction Picture
... The purpose of the interaction picture is to shunt all the time dependence due to H0 onto the operators, leaving only H1, I affecting the time-dependence of ... The interaction picture is convenient when considering the effect of a small interaction term, H1, S, being added to the Hamiltonian of a solved system, H0, S ... By switching into the interaction picture, you can use time-dependent perturbation theory to find the effect of H1, I ...
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... The evolution operator is obtained in the interaction picture where time evolution is given by the interaction Hamiltonian, which is the integral over space of the second term in the Lagrangian density given above ...

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