Inspired is a collection of Lea Salonga's personal favorites, including "To Hear You Say You Love Me" (Jim Brickman), "Do You Hear It" (Lani Macaraeg), "Who Are You" (Bill Cantos), and her official wedding song, "Two Words" (Louie Ocampo).

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Steven Weissman - Yikes - The Yikes Gang
... Boy's "zombie" sidekick/brother Kid Medusa — inspired by Chrysaor, brother of Pegasus and son of Poseidon and Medusa X-Ray Spence — inspired by iconic comic book ads for X-ray glasses ... Li'l Tin-Stars — inspired by Western heroes like the Lone Ranger Shaver — inspired by Casper the Friendly Ghost ...
Margaret Braun
... their artistic inspirations include Afternoon With Frederick- inspired by the Sanssouci palace at Potsdam Akbar's Cake- based on Mughal dynasty designs Baroque in ...
Sim E Não
... Two songs from the album were inspired by people close to Nando Reis "Sim e Não" (inspired by his ex-girlfriend Nani) and "Espatódea" (inspired by his daughter Zoe) ...
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... L Tunes Music from and inspired by The L Word Compilation album by The L Word Released 2007 Producer Ilene Chaiken, EZgirl The L Word chronology Season 3 Soundtrack' (2006) L Tunes Music from and inspired by The ...

Famous quotes containing the word inspired:

    Since the beginning of time, three-quarters of the mental energy and of the lies inspired by vanity have been expended for their inferiors by people who are only abased by such expenditure. And Swann, who was easygoing and unaffected with a duchess, trembled at the thought of being scorned and put on airs when he was with a housemaid.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    The absolute dependence of a newborn infant inspired many things in me, but it did not activate any magical knowledge about what to do for the next twenty years.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)

    The greatest horrors in the history of mankind are not due to the ambition of the Napoleons or the vengeance of the Agamemnons, but to the doctrinaire philosophers. The theories of the sentimentalist Rousseau inspired the integrity of the passionless Robespierre. The cold-blooded calculations of Karl Marx led to the judicial and business-like operations of the Cheka.
    Aleister Crowley (1875–1947)