Initialization may refer to:

  • Booting, a process that starts computer operating systems
  • Initialism, an abbreviation formed using the initial letters of words or word parts
  • In computing, formatting a storage medium like a hard disk or memory. Also, making sure a device is available to the operating system.
  • Initialization (programming)

Other articles related to "initialization":

Enc FS - Filesystem Options - External IV Chaining
... Causes the file data initialization vector to be derived from the filename's initialization vector chain ... renaming a file when this mode is enabled requires that either the file's random initialization vector be offset by the change in the filename initialization vector chain, or the data be re-encoded ...
Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing - Initialization
... The PVSS scheme dictates an initialization process in which All system parameters are generated ... Excluding the initialization process, the PVSS consists of two phases ...
Allied Standards Avionics Architecture Council - Proposed Standards For Software (Def Stan 00-74)
... Configuration and initialization The configuration is considered as defined in a series of blueprints describing thread and process allocation, virtual communication channels.. ... As for initialization, there is no specific API to allow initialization by the low-level Real-time operating system (RTOS) services ...