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Smart Parts - Products - Markers - Impulse
... The Impulse was released in the year 2000 and was the sister design to SP's other marker available at the time, the Shocker Sport ... Over the course of its lifetime the Impulse became one of the most popular markers available, and was notable for following many trends for parts, style ... Impulses had a similar appearance to the Shocker Sport, however they were internally quite different Impulses were based on the common "stacked-tube" hammer/valve layout (two bore design, bolt on top ...
History Of Telegraphy In Australia - Basic Description of A Telegraph
... and magnetism to convert the manual typing of codes that represent words, into electrical impulses ... These impulses are transmitted over a metallic circuit (overhead wires or underground cables) to a distant location ... At the distant location the impulses are converted into magnetic fields that operate a mechanical device to make a sound or to move a visual indicator ...
Axon Terminal
... cell, or neuron, that conducts electrical impulses (called "action potentials") away from the neuron's cell body, or soma, in order to transmit those impulses to other neurons ... and use electrochemical signals and neurotransmitter chemicals to transmit impulses from one neuron to the next axon terminals are separated from neighboring neurons by a small gap ...
Immersion (virtual Reality) - Immersive Virtual Reality - Requirements
... Understanding of the nervous system A comprehensive understanding of which nerve impulses correspond to which sensations, and which motor impulses correspond to ... translate its events to a complete set of nerve impulses for the user ...
Cardiac Pacemaker
... of heart (cardiac) muscle in all animals with hearts is initiated by electrical impulses ... The rate at which these impulses fire, controls the heart rate ... The cells that create these rhythmical impulses are called pacemaker cells, and they directly control the heart rate ...

Famous quotes containing the word impulses:

    The instincts of merry England lingered on here with exceptional vitality, and the symbolic customs which tradition has attached to each season of the year were yet a reality on Egdon. Indeed, the impulses of all such outlandish hamlets are pagan still: in these spots homage to nature, self-adoration, frantic gaieties, fragments of Teutonic rites to divinities whose names are forgotten, seem in some way or other to have survived mediaeval doctrine.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)

    Fear of my cruel impulses makes me kind.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    We find that the child who does not yet have language at his command, the child under two and a half, will be able to cooperate with our education if we go easy on the “blocking” techniques, the outright prohibitions, the “no’s” and go heavy on “substitution” techniques, that is, the redirection or certain impulses and the offering of substitute satisfactions.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)