• (adj): Produced under conditions involving intense heat.
    Example: "Igneous rock is rock formed by solidification from a molten state; "igneous fusion is fusion by heat alone"
    Synonyms: pyrogenic, pyrogenous
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... Chromitite is an igneous cumulate rock composed mostly of the mineral chromite ... It is found in layered intrusions such as the Bushveld Igneous Complex in South Africa, the Stillwater igneous complex in Montana and the recent Ring of Fire discovery in Ontario ...
Skaergaard Intrusion
... / 68.1683 -31.7169 The Skaergaard intrusion is a layered igneous intrusion in East Greenland ... been important to the development of key concepts in igneous petrology, including magma differentiation and fractional crystallisation and the development of layering ... with coeval flood basalts are part of the North Atlantic large igneous province ...
Melt Inclusions
... of melt(s) that are entrapped by crystals growing in the magmas and eventually forming igneous rocks ... microanalysis techniques geochemists and igneous petrologists can obtain a range of unique information from melt inclusions ... They occur in the crystals can be found in igneous rocks, such as for example quartz, feldspar, olivine, pyroxene, nepheline, magnetite, perovskite and apatite ...
... A lopolith is a large igneous intrusion which is lenticular in shape with a depressed central region ... Examples include the Duluth gabbro, the Sudbury Igneous Complex of Ontario, the Bushveld igneous complex of South Africa, the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe, the Skaergaard complex of Greenland and ...
Carrizo Mountains - Geology
... The Carrizo Mountains primarily consist of igneous rocks that intruded Permian through Cretaceous marine strata ... The most common igneous rock type is porphyritic hornblende diorite ... Ages of the igneous rocks range from 70 to 74 million years ...

More definitions of "igneous":

  • (adj): Like or suggestive of fire.
    Example: "An igneous desert atmosphere"
    Synonyms: fiery